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General Privacy Policy Information
This page will update regularly to reflect any changes and updates that may affect the programs represented within this website. Reg Sagadraca and SAU TRiO programs are only utilizing these pages for information and resources to any particpant, parent or individual(s) enrolled in, represented by, working with and simply interested in any of the programs discussed within this website and any Android/IOS/Windows phone app associted with the programs.
etsub.embarqspace.com, SAU TRiO Programs, and their apps, uses information, if any at all is obtained in any form, from basic data to help us understand participant interests and helps us improve our website, apps and programs. When you visit our site and/or use our Android/IOS app, the pages that you look at, and a short text file called a cookie, may be downloaded to your computer, however not from our source, though from the proprietor/company of ownership of the app (appypie.com). This information is more likely collected for analysis only. The cookie does not contain personal details. Depending on the browser that you use, you can set your preferences to block/ refuse cookies, pop-ups and/ or notify you before they are placed. etsub.embarqspace.com, SAU TRiO Programs does not sell, give, or trade any statistics obtained or stored to any 3rd parties for data-mining or marketing purposes. Our app may also utilize your phone’s camera and audio, only for the purpose of utilizing any communication portion of the app, to include but not limited to, direct calls placed or received from within the app (a shortcut), audio played from within the app and/or video chat from within the app (if installed in the app). In addition, these connections and links from within the app, may only be a direct link/launch to other website entities, strictly for opening up within the app or in a separate web browser window, such as social media sites, colleges and universities websites, educational and financial aid supportive websites. Any cookies or tracking files or other data collection practices are strictly the responsiblity of those websites connected to from within the app and not from nor operated by persons employed by, represented by, enrolled within SAU TRiO Programs, Reg Sagadraca nor Saint Augustine's University.
Our app also utilizes a “link” to other educational resources, which would be strictly webpage based from within the app. Also, our app utilizes direct feedback via links and may launch survey sites and calendar sites, strictly for informing the participant and engaging with the participant with input and feedback in the form of basic questions and answer choices. Data feedback from such surveys are collected strictly for analysis purposes for improvement of SAU TRiO programs, website, the app itself and operation of the program. If any website beyond the indicated is opened from within the app, it is totally coincidental and without purpose from etsub.embarqspace.com, SAU TRiO Programs or from any person(s) associated, employed, contracted or represented via written statement. If such an action occurs, you should contact our program and developer immediately (regsaga@gmail.com) to have issues addressed and ultimately resolved. .
You may also write to SAU TRiO Programs, PO Box 2042, Rocky Mount, NC 27802 for more information.

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